Drawing Paper

Recently at college we started another 2 day project the aim of which was to make a series of drawings that explore the play of light and shape on an abstracted detail of folded paper using a variety of methods and drawing media. To start with we had to fold three long pieces of paper to create three different letters. Then using chosen scale and plot and measure we had to draw our letters.

With the first letter (I decided to use P) we had to show the contrast between the different parts of the letter using the weight of line so the line would be darker where there is a stronger contrast and almost invisible where there is not much contrast.. The second letter (G) was all about shading and so it was my favourite one. In this case however we were allowed to use only shading and no outlines.While I was working on this letter I realized that  blending tool is one of my best friends.It really helped my to create this drawing. The third letter(G again)..or actually only half of it. that I created that day was made of my initials (GS). The interesting point of this technique was that we were not allowed to change the weight of our initials so we had to keep our pencils nice and sharp all the time. The shading that we created had to be made  solely by letters overlapping eachother..and I think I completed this task pretty well!