The book of cutouts

The book of cutouts

A while ago I decided to create my own book of cutouts, simply because I really love cutting things out of paper and I though it would be a good idea to have all my cutouts in one place. I also hope that making lots of cutouts for this book will help me to improve the quality of my works and just thinking about it make me feel excited! I already have some ideas for the first few cutouts but they are secret for now and until I will actually make them. I will be posting about them here so look forward to it!:)

Also, if you also like cutouts or just working with paper in general here is a list of artists you might find inspiring just like I did!


Author: Occhokochoii

I like chocolate!

2 thoughts on “The book of cutouts”

  1. i can see why your inspired by those artist’s their work looks amazing. i like that fact that you have extended artwork outside of college which is something i should consider doing to keep my interest in art high. saw that train map cut out i don’t know you could cut out something so thin without it breaking. looking forward to seeing more :).

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