Graphic design – Shipping forecast (week 1)

Last week we had a lot of fun making a typographical poster using shipping forecasts for a range of different shipping locations. Since it was our first graphic design lesson and almost none of us ever used InDesign programme, we were asked to take our shipping forecasts and just experiment with different font types, sizes, colours and layouts.

We were taught some very useful keyboard shortcuts that make working with this program much quicker and easier. Being able to explore different artists works we had opportunity to get lots of inspirations and ideas which then helped us with making our designs more interesting and visually appealing!

Here is the shipping forecast for Sole. Issued: 10 September 04:05 UTC

Wind: Northerly or north-westerly 5 or 6, ocasinally 4

Sea State: Slight or Moderate

Weather: Showers

Visibility: Good

And here are some examples of my posters:

Even though I enjoyed this mini project I don’t really like the outcome of it. I decided to experiment some more and then I will decide which poster to use as my final design.

Also, I will soon make a post about the second mini graphics project (also to do with shipping forecast though) that we were asked to complete two days ago and which in my opinion was a way more exciting and creative! So far it was my favourite ‘mini project’ so look forward to see the outcome of it!


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